solid silver Necklace gold plated with ambre stones


The metal is hand made cut showing proverb in arabic calligraphy

notice  the framed necklace 

  اذا اكرمت الكريم ملكته واذا اكرمت اللئيم تمرد

Proverb signification

Be generous to a grateful person you will win him over, be generous to a vile person he will rebel 


a choice of black onyx, purple fluorite or amber beads set in either one or two rows is available

About Us

I am an ophthalmologist settled in Paris about to retire and turn myself into what I always wanted to be a jewelry designer this accomplishing a childhood dream.

For most of 2013, beside my work as a doctor, I had the opportunity to join the renowned school of the BJO:

BIJOUTERIE, JOAILLERIE, ORFEVRERIE of rue du Louvre in Paris and learn the craft of cutting metals and modeling wax.

I also went on to learn pearl and beads  stringing for this was a necessity in designing bracelets and necklaces, a corner stone in the work I ambition.

My work aims at rallying the spirit behind the metal. Through proverbs and saying I aspire to creating a jewel that as precious to the eye that it is to soul. I invite you to be part of this journey and to help design your jewel. We shall converge the craft and the spirit to create a meaningful artwork which is both personal and distinguished.

All my work is hand made in Beirut Lebanon, in solid silver and some of it is gold plated and associated with semi precious stones.